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Jacksonville, FL
Yacht and Small Craft Surveyor
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Cargo Survey & Rates
If you need a Cargo survey for offloads, onloads, damage, insurance claims or any other services please give me a call.  I provide a detailed report with photographs.

Survey & Report: $125.00 per hour with a minimum 4 hour charge.  Travel charges apply at the hourly rate.

 Damaged Cargo 
 Kitchen Cabinets
Damaged Cargo
            Damaged Cargo
   Marble, Travertine & Alabaster
Damaged Cargo Medical Supplies
Damaged Cargo               Laminate Flooring 
Condition Survey - Insurance Claim  
Frozen Shrimp Clumping & Glazed Icing 
Frozen Shrimp Discoloration With Overwhelming Fishing Oder .
MV Offload Coils 
MV Offload Steel Rebar
 Reefer Container Distortion Damage
Cargo Onload Vessel Staging Area
Cargo Onload Mishap 
Damaged Cargo
Serving Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas of St. Simon's Island, GA, Brunswick, GA, Kingsley, GA, St. Marys, GA, Amelia Island, FL, Fernandina Beach, FL, St. Augustine, FL, Palm Coast, FL, Daytona Beach, FL or any areas in Florida and Georgia. 
Damaged Cargo                      Beer 
Damaged Cargo                Economizer 
If you need a pre-purchase, insurance, refinance, appraisal or a cargo  survey, please feel free to contact me at (904) 613-0161 or 
email: [email protected]